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Welcome guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!

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Hey, there! I'm Jadestrogen (formerly QueenOfBlueScreens), and welcome to my homepage! This is PROBABLY gonna be my main thing going forward, so if you've been following me on other sites, feel free to stick around!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just in case you missed the landing page, I'll copy what's listed on there and put it here, too.

This site contains:

  • Moving images/text
  • Strong language
  • Bright colors
  • Adult content (according to... let's say "certain US lawmakers")

If you are negatively affected by anything on the list (or if you are a minor),
you can click here to go back to Neocities.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to donate to my Ko-Fi page, PLEASE make sure your needs are taken care of first!!
If you can't donate (or just don't want to), that's perfectly fine!
Honestly, just spreading my Ko-Fi page around would be MORE than enough!

Here's a quick button I made if you'd like to show it off on your website!



Page layout inspired by Fulvern! Check out their page here!




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If you wanna shoot me a message, you can contact me at!

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